Answer to What to do if you are being framed for domestic violence?

ANSWER TO: HOW TO PREVENT MY SPOUSE FROM FRAMING ME AS TO DOMESTIC VIOLENCE? The case involving the woman falling off the porch and a neighbor misinterpreting the incident as “domestic violence” is a classic situation where a hearsay objection should be made. You, as the wrongly accused, would want to prevent the judge from… Continue Reading

Don’t let yourself get framed for domestic violence.

Show and Tell: Presenting Evidence in Court. By Diana Knowles Dunop Copyright 2013 HOW CAN I PREVENT MY SPOUSE FROM FRAMING ME AS TO DOMESTIC VIOLENCE? NOTE: The following scenario is fictional. Any resemblance of the characters in this scenario to any real persons, living or dead, is unintentional and entirely accidental. Consider this: One… Continue Reading

Changing Locks on Marital Home and a Warning about Agreements

Changing Locks on the Marital Home During a Divorce and A Warning About Agreements By Diana Knowles Dunlop Florida Family Law Attorney FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION: Can I change the locks and security code to my house now that my spouse has move out? My spouse recently moved out of our marital home and has been… Continue Reading

Adultery and No Fault Divorce in Florida

Adultery and No fault Divorce in Florida By Diana Knowles Dunlop, Florida Family Law Attorney Prior to Florida becoming a “no fault” state in the mid-1970’s, one spouse had to allege that the other spouse had done something wrong that had caused the marriage to become broken. If the Wife was an adulteress when Florida… Continue Reading

Divorcing in a bad economy or during the recession

Here is a question I have been asked a lot, recently: Should I go ahead and get divorced now, or should I wait until the economy gets better and my house and stocks go up in value, and then file? We hardly have any equity in our house, now, so neither of us can buy… Continue Reading